Burned dual layer disc not reading on DVD player

i currently have a Panasonic DVD-S52 dvd player, but it wont read the dual layer discs i burned. my xbox 360 reads it, but i want it on a dvd player that can upconvert to 1080i. is there any way i can fix this so my dvd player recognizes it? or is there any dvd player currently out that can read a burned dual layer disc? thanks

What DL media? and what proggy did you use to burn? post burn log…

im using TDK 8x double layer dvd+r DL discs, with dvd shrink to encode and burn. dont have burn logs unfortunately :frowning:

Pannys are picky machines anyway, so you might want to try Verbatim +R DL (booktype to DVD-ROM if need be). Have a look in Shrink for booktype settings.

Verbatim really is the only DL disc I’d trust.

AFAIK , get rid of TDK’s and get some Verbatim DL media,as it is the only DL, I and others recommend…And I’d use DVDFab HD Decrypter and IMGBurn to burn…try it!..

i bought a 25 pic of tdk :frowning: im going to try figure this out first, ill order a pair of verbatim later

Well first try setting the booktype to DVD-ROM with the TDKs - the option will be in your burning software somewhere if your burner supports it (I know ImgBurn lets you set the booktype under “Advanced Options”).

If bitsetting doesn’t work, then I’d say give the TDKs up as a bad job and grab some Verbs. :wink:

thanks for your help though

so should my player usually recognize burn DL dvd’s? funny how my xbox360 can read it

If it’s a newer one then yes. Bitsetting to DVD-ROM can help, as DVD-ROM is what pressed discs are.

My older Philips player won’t recognise burned DLs even if they’re bitset to DVD-ROM, but my neighbour’s Panasonic (a bit older than yours, no fancy new features) recognises burned DL just fine.

fusiondreams wrote "i bought a 25 pic of tdk im going to try figure this out first, ill order a pair of verbatim later."
That’s why it pays to do a little research before purchasing media,or anything for that matter… :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for the quick and useful info!

I Have a Panasonic DVD S52 and it is playing a Verbatium DVD+R DL right now.

hey romeo what programs do you use to rip and burn your dvds? thanks

I’m not CCRomeo, but I use DVD Fab Platinum for mine (available as a free trial).

how do you create an mds file with dvd fab plat?

You don’t. You can either rip to an ISO (with no mds AFAIK) then burn, or choose to rip and burn directly to DVD (or rip to a mobile device).

how do u set ur drive to dvd rom with dvd fab? or will it set if i set it through img burn?

nm i saw it in settings… thakns though

Go to the Common Settings (a button in the top right of the main DVD Fab Plat. window). Then from the list on the left, go to DVD -> Write.

Edit: hehe we posted at the same time :wink:

Oh BTW…if you use Clone mode in DVD Fab Plat., that’s created decent DL backups for me in the past.