Burned discs won't read in PC



I have just burned 4 DVD backups with Nero Burning Rom and at first I thought they were coasters. When I try and play them on the PC, they just spin and click in the drive. The computer completely fails to recognise the disc in the drive (so I am unable to test the disc burn quality). The weird thing though, is they will play fine in my standalone DVD player.

I have just upgraded from Nero 6608 (trial) to 6612 (paid) and am using TY02 (fuji) discs in a NEC 3500. Two months ago during the trial period of 6608 I burned loads with no problems.

Nero 6612 is still on default settings - are there tweaks I need to make to correct this?

I had thought to roll back to 6608 to see if the problem remains but I deleted that when I downloaded 6612 (stupid me). Can anyone provide a link where I can download 6608?

Also, I am having a problem downloading the manuals, cleantools etc from Nero’s FTP If anyone can provide a link to an alternative, that would be great.

Has anyone got any ideas what is causing the problem and how to fix it?

Thanks Freaks.




Cheers Poaalpina. I figured out that it was the Win XP firewall that was stopping the FTP.

I still haven’t found anything on the www that explains why the discs won’t read in the PC. I will scrub 6612 and roll back to 6608 and see if that solves the problem.

Anyone any other ideas?