Burned discs play on only 1 of 3 DVD players

I’ve recently noticed that some movies that I burn to Verbatim 16X DVD_R’s
won’t play properly in my Panasonic DVD-S52 1080i up-converting dvd player, and my Panasonic DVD-S42 player. When I place certain burned movies in the machine and try to access the movie or the special features from the menu, the player stops reading the disc and the front of the player shows

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      One player is hooked up to an HD tv, the other isn’t. When I press play after it shuts down, it skips past the menus and begins playing the movie right away. On a different burned disc, when I first press play on the remote, three 0’s appear on the read-out and it starts into the FBI warning and previews. When I hit the menu button, the machine stops reading the disc (I can’t reach even reach the menu on this disc unless I sit through all the previews). And yet some other movies work fine. I know I could just burn the main movie and probably avoid this hassle, but I don’t understand why I “CAN” play these discs on my Panasonic DMR-E75V (DVD recorder/VCR), which is 1-2 years older than my other two players. Also, my friend who burned these movies for me has a 3 year old Samsung which plays all of these discs just fine (I called to have him double check). Is there a setting on my players that I’m over-looking, or are new Panasonic’s known for these issues. I would greatly appreciate any input since I would rather not spend money on two different DVD players, though if I have too, boxing week would be the time to do it :slight_smile:



Try burning at not higher than 8x on the same media and see what happens

[QUOTE=CCRomeo;1962482]Try burning at not higher than 8x on the same media and see what happens[/QUOTE]

Actually, my friend and I always use 4X when burning. :slight_smile:

Also, I forgot to mention, my friend only uses Sony DVD-R’s for burning. The problem discs happen to be Sony’s. I’ve burned with both Sony and Verbatim and my friend hasn’t had any problems with the copies I did.