Burned Copy of 'Heist' won't play in DVD Player! HELP!



I am a newbie here, so really appreciate your help! I burned a copy or the movie ‘Heist’ using 1Click Copy, and had to burn just the copy minus all the extras (since it was 5.3GB), so I burned it, it played fine on the same computer DVD player that I burned it on, BUT, when I tried to play it in my Home DVD player, it would not play, it gave me "DISC ERROR’ msg, would not read it at all. Can anybody pls help and tell me why it’s doing that??

I just got a new DELL 3GHz, with new DVD burner (NEC 3450A DL Burner), and yes, I did run AnyDVD in the background during this whole operation.

The media I used is a SONY DVD-R, 4.7GB, 4X max. Have burned copy of Toy Story DVD before that, on same media, and it worked just fine, on both players (used Clone DVD with AnyDVD for that one)…

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!!

Cheers!! :smiley:


Try CloneDVD with the problem movie. Use the same burn speed.


Well, the problem with CloneDVD was that I tried it, and it said that it could not write it, since the it was too big to burn on the DVD blank (5.3GB is what it saw)…so that is why I didn’t use CloneDVD in the first place — any suggestions how I could burn using CloneDVD with a movie larger than 4.7GB???



Select DVD-5 for size. This will compress the movie. You can always click on the scissors to split the movie to two DVD-5 discs. DVD-5 is a single layer DVD disc.


I just backed up Heist yesterday. I used DVD Shrink to reauthor and then removed 2.1 sound, french sound, and all the subtitles. Then I cut off most of the credits and it fit on a single DVD5 without any compression.


One can also cut out the craps at the start and end of the movie. This can save another 3 to 7 minutes of video. This is probably the best feature in Shrink 3.2 and Recode 2.x. I don’t see any video improvement with detailed analysis.