Burned cd's won't play in car



I have a DVD r/rw + rewriteable drive that I am using to burn CD’s. The problem is that the cd’s I burn will not play in my car, but will play in other cars/cd players/computers/etc. Could the problem be my DVD burner?

I have a Lite On 411S DVD burner.

Any help is appreciated.


Common issue, discussed many times.
Your car stereo has weaker laser than conventional CD players. Burning at lower speed or using different media may help here.


The cd actually plays, but skips about every 10 seconds throughout the entire cd.


Try writing with the highest quality of cd-r (NOT rw !) media and at the slowest speed possible (probably 4x). If this also fails , contact the manufacturer of your car stereo to get a compatibility list.


CDR in car stereo


yeah i agree, problem is burning high speed media slowly is causing problems of its own but try it, try cleaning the car cd player with a cd cleaner theyre pretty cheap if that fails buy a few really expensive cdrs brand names like sony, philips try burning them at the slowest possible speed of your burner and another at the fastest, if that fails buy a new cd player!


The problem seems to only be my Honda and my brothers Honda since we both have the same factory stereo in them. He recently got a new cd player in his car, and it still doesn’t work in them. So I did try to burn at the lowest speed possible today and about half way through burning the cd my computer just rebooted itself. I will have to try again later.


strange? new cd players im talking past 1996 should play most cdr you throw at it its only really the old weaker lasers that have trouble although its not always the case, i dont know much about car cd players i know that its best to buy one that actually states cdr compatible that way you can be pretty sure, and your not leaving it down the chance, 1 more thing if your car also has a tape player you could just buy a cheap portable cd player and hook it up to that even on a friends old cheap £15 portable i managed to get cdrs to play perfectly.


Both of our cars are 2002 and 2003 so I don’t know why they won’t play. In the owners manual it says they aren’t CD-RW compatible, but says they are CD-R compatible only if they are “closed” which I don’t know what the means. Maybe you have to close the cd you burn before it will play? Who knows.
To burn I have tried three different ways…
2-Windows Media Player
3-Roxio Easy CD Creator
They all do the same thing in my car…skip every 10 seconds or so. You can only take so much of that before you get annoyed beyond all means.
Oh ya, the cars only have cd players in them, no tape players at all. Might try to contact the manufacturer of my car to find out what’s wrong.


if it says cdr compatible and you have made every effort to try different cdrs then i should think they will have to install a cd player that will play them! if the cars under warranty, just one thing have you tried playing them whilst the car is still? silly question but you never know! vibrations can be ruled out straight away. closed means you cant add extra stuff to the cd “closed session” when you go to burn uncheck the box that says add multisession this will close the session meaning no extra data can be added its the way i burn all my discs, add multisession is auto ticked on nero so you have to untick it, it appears on the same screen you select what speed you want to burn the cd at.


As stated above…and repeatedly on other threads…not a new or unusual problem (unique in thats a newer car…but we don’t know how old a reader they put in that new car)…quality media…+ slow burn, and eliminate the obvious, ie bad mounting of the drive/stereo.

It’s probably not your burner…it’s probably your cars reader…if quality media on slow burn doesn’t fix it…visit the dealer…:slight_smile: