Burned CD's w/ NEC-3500AG really messed when read by another drive

It’s somewhat weird, but the CD’s I have burned with the NEC-3500AG DVD writer are perfectly fine… however, when I pop them into my CD-ROM (LG 52X) it won’t read the first file. I burned anime onto it, (typically 3 - 4 episodes per CD) but when I try to play it, it has an error reading the CD (as WMP suggests).

On the other hand, when I play another file, it is perfectly fine. For example, there are these files on the disc:

Anime 01
Anime 02
Anime 03
Anime 04

I open up 01, but it doesn’t load. If I skip ahead further into the episode, it works. The other episodes from 02+ work fine, but only the first file does not work.

I have tested this on all the anime CD’s I have burned with this drive, and all of them seem to have this problem. Now I am really worried about compatibility issues in the future.

Can anyone suggest a resolution to my really ANNOYING prob…? Thanks in advance.

Note: My drive’s firmware is 2.16, please suggest a better one if there is!

You can try to record the CDs at a lower speed.

Ah I see, I’ve been recording the CD’s at a speed of only 32X though… and the problem shouldn’t re-occur if I’m burning THAT slow…

OH YES and ONE more thing I forgot to mention: when I tested the CD on my other computer’s CD-RW drive, (LG as well), it worked with no problems. It certainly baffles me since the CD’s I used to record on my old CD burner worked on my 52X CD-ROM, but the CD’s burned from the DVDRW drive dont work.