Burned CDs skip in car stereo

My car stereo doesn’t always read burned CDs, and when it does it often skips so badly I can’t listen. Sometimes it plays the same CD just fine. I have had no problems playing regular CDs. I thought maybe the laser’s needed realignment but found out 1. no one will do that (they want me to buy a new player) and 2. that many car stereos are just sensitive to burned CDs and that it might just be that. How can I solve this? Is there a certain type of CD I should use to burn, or a certain way to burn them? Most of the CDs are I refer to are gifts, but when I make them I use Roxio to make the CD. Thanks!

If your player works ok with with shop bought eg. pressed disc’s and the problem is only with ones you have burned then the answer is obvious. Either the player doesn’t support recordable discs or there are problems in the way you are burning them.
Re burn a disc you have had problems with and do it no faster than X24 speed. You have not said what burner you have but burning at a slower speed reduces jitter and may solve your problem.
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I’ve had that problem with my last car, a Ford; the new Honda reads anything. I found after lots of trial and error that TY discs burned at 4 speed on a 24x plextor worked fine. Don’t leave the burned CDs in the car, they go bad fast.

In my case it was the media. Once I switched to Verbatim Pastels , burned at 16x, my problems went away.
Since then I’ve found that any of the Verbatim CD-Rs seem to work OK.