Burned CD's not recognized

I bought some 12x TDK’s a few days ago (green colored - manufactured by TDK).

I burned some games on CD (not original games) and noticed that they are only recognized by my CD-RW(Yamaha 2100e) and not my CD-Rom(Samsung SC140).The CD-Rom just keeps spinning without managing to read them.

I never had that problem before when using TDK’s(24x and 32x) in the past which were manufactured by Taiyo-Yuden.

Is this a CD media-caused problem? I’m not sure about that because my SC140 reads perfectly even the worst CD’s (when they aren’t burned by my CD-RW)

I know that my pioneer DVD 116 drive has issues with reading all cyanine (blue/green) media.

My panasonic CDRW (scsi) has issues with reading/writing phalocyanine media.

Try different media, or buy a new drive. Cdrom drives are more likely to have issues trhan dvd or cdrw as cdroms are made cheap and nasty.