Burned CD's/DVD's Only Last 2-5 Years?

Hello! I must be REALLY stupid! I have spent the last 3 years copying almost 1,000 Videotapes, home movies, cassettes and downloaded music (all legally purchased…ok, most legally purchased) to CD/DVD’s because I thought they had a very long shelf life. Last week, I read an article stating that burned CD’s/DVD’s will only last 2-5years before they will not play any longer (due to some issue with dye on CD’s/DVD’s moving)??? I couldn’t believe after spending all this time that this is true? Is it? If so, can someone please direct me on the best medium (keeping affordability in mind) to store my multi-media? By my estimation, I have about 4,000 gigs worth of data (it takes about 4 gig per 2 hour movie with my DVD burner x 700 movies). I hate the thought of having to start over, but I would rather know it now rather than later. Every option I looked into seemed really expensive (like large volume tape backups or removeable hard drives), so any insight on how long term I can keep my entertainment around, I would be REALLY grateful!!! Thanks!

Jake, I think that article might be aimed at the average media available to store your info on, If you use top notch media like Taio Yudens or Verbatims that have excellent dyes on them and you store them properly in cases, then I can see them lasting a lot longer then that article is stating. IMHO anyways… :iagree:

This has already been discussed/posted:


Jake … Cheap media you get from the shops is lucky to last a week.

Expensive media you get from the shops will probably last about 5 years.

High Quality media (like TY/Maxell/ Other “Made in Japan”) will last alot longer, and is likely cheaper than the expensive shop brands :wink:

Thank you, all :slight_smile: Is there a better medium I should be using to backup? Ideally I’d like to have them on a medium which can be restored at any time, say if I need to burn a DVD of something I have stored I can simply re-burn it.