Burned CDG plays last 15sec. of previous track when skipped

New to board but familiar with burning cdg… I recently got a new computer using XP with SP3 and Liteon LH-20A1L BL05 burner. My steps are as follows: 1) Mp3gtoolz (version converting zip to bin and creating cue. 2) using cuetoccd to convert. 3) CloneCD (version 4) 4x speed.
When disc is finished and I put it in my home player (JVC XL-MV303) it is slow at starting and if you skip to go a specific track it will play the last 15 seconds of the previous track and then go into the selected track. However if you allow it to play through with out skipping tracks it plays fine. I was thinking it may be a cue error so I created a cue using cdrwin (4.0G unregistered)making sure track gap was at 0, instead of mp3gtoolz but had the same problem. I have tried burning at 2x 4x 8x and 10x all with same problem. Any input is greatly appreciated. I use my own cd’s at the karaoke clubs and need for them to work properly. Thanks

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hmmm, that’s exactly the same method I use (except I burn at 16x) and it should work like a charm.

Have you changed disc brand at all?

My own LiteOn LH-20A1H will read/burn CD+G - even though Nero InfoTool says otherwise - so I’d imagine your LH-20A1L should too.

Have you definitely ruled out the JVC acting up? Do you have another standalone DVD player you can try the discs on (I know our Philips models will support CD+G playback).

If all else fails, the culprit could be the LiteOn and you may have to use a different drive to burn them.

First … Thank you for the welcome.

The JVC is working fine. I actually used the old computer which has a plextor burner to test it and the Player was fine. I haven’t changed disc brand either. I’m gonna speed up the burn to 16x and see if that helps. I’ll let ya know if it works.

Thanks once again.

OK, post back how you get on and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

One question - did the problems coincide with getting/using the LiteOn burner?

Burning at 16x didn’t help. Same problem. I guess I’ll just have to keep the old computer just to burn my cdg’s… OR do you think I could convert my Plextor 504A to an external usb and it still work properly for burning cdg’s?

It’s not just a new burner it a whole different computer. I’m trying to figure out what could be causing the problem. Maybe ASPI??? The Liteon works really well with playing and burning DVD’s and is alot faster than the plextor. So I’m trying to keep the liteon for dvd’s.

More than likely the burner. :wink:

Yep, if you buy a decent USB enclosure you can just pop your Plextor in (be sure to set the jumper on the back of the Plex to Master). Make sure you get one that takes IDE drives rather than SATA though :wink:

I’ve got an enclosure myself and they’re definitely handy things to have.

Thank you so much. I guess I’ll do a search and see what I can find on enclosures.

We have a dedicated enclosures forum which may give you some idea of decent ones :slight_smile:

You’re welcome BTW :slight_smile: