Burned CD only shows on DVD player

I have successfully installed a lite-on 52327S on my computer and after a few hiccups burned my first CDRW.

Shows up fine on our DVD player attached to our TV but will not display on either of our two computers. Problem may be because when asked which program file to open it under, instead of other, I tapped in Photoparade which is out of date and so I cannot access the photo files as they are all associated with this program every time I try to open the burned CD photos. My computer is not connected to the internet so I can’t access the new photoparade. Can’t afford expense of wifi or wiring at the moment.

How do I disassociate the start up of this burned CD with the Photoparade program. Probably not a CD burning issue but annoying all the same as I originally wanted to burn photos on to CD so I could put them in to the downstairs computer which is connected to the internet., to get photos printed on-line. Will I be able to do this anyway once above problem is sorted as the files are no longer in JPEG format, which seems to be required format for on-line printers.

So many questions. Any answers welcomed.

Regards, Eve

You can change association here (at least on Win2K/XP, not sure on Win98)

Tools> Folder Options> File Types

or right click the photo ->open with and browse for the right program.

One problen would seem to be in the software you are using. To make a playable photo cd for you dvd player is cool…but not always what you want to use to archive your digital photos. Two different functions, two different uses…

Try installing a demo of ACDsee, and let it reset your associations for .jpg…you should…if the cd is not glitched, be able to browse to your photos directory in that disc and veiw just fine.

Personally, I use thumbs+ for this…but acdsee is a fine program as well, similar thing happened to me when I was tinkering.

Try burning the pics to cd-r as a data CD…see if yur pc’s can see the disc and images under that scenario…won’t be playable on the set top box…but will eliminate a few question marks, for this you can use whatever burning app came with your drive…nero express etc…For archiving your digital photos, or scanned originals, this really is how you should do it…:slight_smile:

You may also want to double check to see if you finalized the disc…if AcDsee soesn’t work for you…:slight_smile:

Good luck