Burned CD looks blank



Hello everybody.
I was travelling in South America taking a lot of pictures and Burning them in Internet Cafe’s places… It means that the people who works in this places burned the cd’s for me.
One of this CD’s (that i’ve burned in 2 copies in the same place) Isn’t working.
When i put the CD in my drive it seems Blank. I tried in other computers and it’s the same - Blank.
In the back side of the CD it has the Line of the Burning so it seem to me like it do have the data on it but i can’t get to it… I tries also running it in 2 DVD Players but it also looks Blank…!!!
In one of the 2 copies i tried to Burn somthing because i thought maybe it is Blank - So i burned into it a file and now it is again Blank!!! the file Disappeared exactly like my precious Photos!!!

Also, i tried to use some Recovery Softwares but none of them find files on the CD.

H-E-L-P!!! anybody, please!!!




You could try and see if IsoBuster can recover your files from the CDs.


It could also be that the disc wasn’t properly burned and the data isn’t there and/or can’t be retrieved. Was the disc ever tested and has it worked previously?

As noted above, IsoBuster would be a good tool to try. But most likely the disc is simply unusable.