Burned cd does not play properly

I burned cd using a sony crx0811. I tried different software, and different cd r. I mainly use eproformance 32x. The software indicates that the cd has successfully burned. I try playing it, it plays well for about two times. When I try playing the cd after that they play fine u to track 7, and the rest of the cd, does not play normal. It plays and skips.

I don’t understand why this is happing, it happens to me quite regular. I leave about 10 minutes free on all cd and, the mb are not in excess of 620 after burning.

Can someone tell me what is happening here?

What cd medium are you using – Sony, TDK, Memorex, some cheap Rytek DYE based crap??? What do you mean by eperformance cdr’s, is that a brand name…eperformance??? Also I found when burning cd’s at lower speed, they somehow become more compatibl with various reading sources. Like car radio’s and older cdman and even really old stereo systems. Although till today I have a system which looks likeits from the 80’s and is one of the first ever cd players invented which refuses to read any burn at all. It will ONLY read originals. I even tried throwing good name brands like sony and tdk and memorex and even kodak (as low as 1x burns), I think the next thing I am throwing is the system.

Google search an old program called cdridentifier and see what it shows for the dye used. I really wish the author would update this but is no longer working on it. It was a great small nifty tool and still finds till given day most dye names on the cdr’s.

That does leave me with a question for the more experienced users here, and the admins, why does burning speed affect compatibility? Its obviosu it does. Any technical reference you guys can point me to?

I never burn past 12x, and often at 10x or 8x.
Burning speed affects compatibility, in my experience. Depends on the media and players as usual, but I keep all my burns releatively low speed for decent compatibility. Burning too fast in the past has produced some negative results. If it means spending a few extra minutes burning, I certainly don’t mind; I only burn the odd disc now and then.

edit: rballiram, is it an audio cd? try to write it to HD and see if u get the same problem when playing the file. It could mean poor digital audio extraction rather than poor burn.