Burned CD does not play in vehicle

Is there a specific CD type to burn music onto that my Toyota will receognize? I tried a CD-RW and it will not play. Help.
Wannabe computer wiz! :confused:

Use a normal CD-R. Some factory and aftermarket cd players will not play cd-rw’s.

Terrific, I will try it. Thank you!!!

I’ll add one thing, I make it a point to burn CDs for the car player at 20X.
Much over that and many car players can’t deal with them.

I never go above 16x for cd for car player as I get more problems and usually go down to 8x.

You have to now the format of CD player of your capable to play then burn your CD in that format. If you burn your CD in .Wav or Mp3 platform your do not have the capability playing these format or platform then that is why you have a problem.

Some older automobile CD players are simply picky and prefer one brand to another or maybe even one burning speed to another.

My old Apline CD player played the Taiyo Yudens just fine, but certain other brands would take about 5 minutes to switch between tracks.

Store bought cd’s have music files which are in CDA format. Unfortunately, your computer can’t store files in CDA format. Hence you have to have the files in a different format. IE MP3,WAV, etc. Then you have to use a program like Nero

Here is a Guide in PDF format using Nero StartSmart, you will need to have Adobe reader installed on your computer to read the file.


Once you burn the different format, IE MP3,WAV, etc. They will be converted back to CDA format. Now you should be able to play the disk in your Toyota. As Jucius_Maximus mentioned, some automobile CD players are picky and prefer one brand to another.

I had that problem yesterday when I burned a cd with cd text @ 16X.
The pc programs can see the text however the car’s changer could not.
It just displayed disc and track #.

I re burned, using a cd-rw, @ 4X, and the car player now saw the text.
BTW the first cd played the tracks perfectly, just no text.