Burned CD - Copy or Original or Not?



How do I tell if a burned CD is a copy of the original, or an ISO or MP3s pieced together? Popular software such as FreeDB looks only at number of tracks and total length, so a pieced together/downloaded CD may look like an original copy. Any suggestions?


You can use tau analizer.
Tau Analyzer is a program for determining the authenticity of musical CD, using the character of audiodata it contains, and predict its possible source is it an original studio records or a reconstruction from a lossy encoded data (for example, MP3 files). It uses the original Aucdtect algorithm for these purposes. Against the free popular Aucdtect console utility - Tau Analyzer is a GUI based program which works directly with CD and has a some additional functions such as a Spectrum and Frequency analyzers, ATIP and ISRC data readers, etc.


I tried TauAnalyzer and it loads fine, then freezes/crashes every time I put a CD in either of my drives. I have to restart the whole PC then, it won’t close ever. I also tried auCDtect but apparently it’s a command line program and I haven’t the slightest clue how to get it to work?

I have Windows XP Professional and a DVD-ROM and CD-RW drive. Thanks.


aucdtect is for see if a wave is from an lossless source and not from a lossy one.
the sintax is aucdtect.exe [options] <track1.wav>
i cant help you about your system freeze , sorry.
(i dont know why it freezes…)