Burned Blu ray not playing in ps3

Hello clubcdfreaks!
As many of you will see this is my first time posting here on this awesome forum. I have read many a review here and actually bought my first blu ray burner due to the review of the pioneer BD-203BK. Well now on to my problem.
I just recently bought a TDK BD-RE DL and its quite nice. It only burns at 2x speed but i bought it because it was rewritable so I could learn how to get blu ray burns working correctly!(thus i wouldn’t waste a ton of BD-R DL’s thru trial and error), I know the PS3 can read BDRE so can someone point to me what is going on? I burned Hellboy2 to the media at 2x and the ps3 doesn’t even see it, . I got the image by using the latest version of AnyDVDHD and ripping the image to the harddrive. I also have the latest ps3 firmware as well as the drive firmware for the burner which is 1.10.
Please help with ideas on how to get it to work. Here is the disc info which may help as well.

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : BD-RE DL
MID : TDKBLDWfa (000)
Write speeds: : 2.0 X
Blank Capacity : 46.61 GB
: 47732 MB
: 50050629632 bytes
Extended Information
Layers : 2
Disc Status : Closed
Raw Data
Physical Format Information (00h)
0000 - 44 49 01 20 02 00 63 00 42 44 57 02 24 01 00 00 - DI…c.BDW.$…
0010 - 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 19 4E 7E - …N~
0020 - 01 EC 64 64 46 46 46 46 3C 3C 3C 3C 00 00 00 00 - …ddFFFF<<<<…
0030 - C4 5C 7C 02 02 86 86 1F C4 5C 7C 02 02 86 86 1F - .|…|…
0040 - C4 5C 7C 02 02 86 86 1F 50 05 05 05 00 00 00 00 - .|…P…
0050 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0F A8 B0 B0 A8 B0 B0 A8 - …
0060 - B0 B0 00 00 54 44 4B 42 4C 44 57 66 61 00 00 00 - …TDKBLDWfa…

You’re not alone. My PS3 60GB will not play all of my TDK BD-RE DL but will play my one of Panasonic BD-RE DL (again not all). However my friend’s PS3 will play all of the BD-RE DL that doesn’t play in my PS3.

Reading other websites it appears that there are two problems: BD-RE DL is finicky, or some PS3 laser lens is too sensitive, or combination of both.

There are PS3 laser lens replacement on ebay if you’re comfortable with opening the PS3 and replacing the lens. I haven’t tried it yet though.

Thanks for the prompt reply zevia! interesting now that you tell me that. I have a 40gig ps3 that i bought in december 2007. So what BD-RE DL have you been able to use with a good amount of consistency?? My guess is that the ps3 is finicky with certains types of BD-RE DL, but who knows? I am possibly interested in replacing the lens but if i opened it up, i’d like to replace the optical drive with a faster read speed drive, not entirely sure if thats possible though…
I am willing to test around and see what works and what doesn’t on different ps3’s along with different media.

I’ve been researching a little bit but would you happen to know the format of your BD-RE? I am wondering if the format of the BD-RE has anything to do with it…?

probably not all BD-Roms in PS3 are the same

Thanks zevia for replying to this thread.As u pointed out that ur PS3 does not play all TDK BD-RE DL but can play one of the Panasonic BD-RE DL,due to BD-RE DL is finicky, or some PS3 laser lens is too sensitive, or combination of both.So can we assume that the burning process of a Blu Ray is correct as our friend GoldenPood has done or is there still a compatilibility problem in some Blu Ray Players,I mean can we say that we can create a Back up of any Blu Ray movie and burn them so that they play on Blu Ray players

nekrosoft is right not all PS3 optical drives are the same. Also faster read speed doesn’t make much difference since reading Blu-ray and DVD are done at lower speed.

@GoldenPood: I think BD-RE format revision doesn’t matter since as mentioned the BD-RE DL doesn’t work in my PS3 but it works in my friend’s.

I have about over 10 BD-RE DL from TDK, Sony and Panasonic. Sony and Panasonic have same MID (MEI T01) but not all of them work in my PS3 even from the same batch (3 packs etc). But all of the TDK doesn’t work in my PS3 (work in my friend’s).

@ashwin, I’m not sure, but I think we can make a backup that meet standard specs for BD discs and AVCHD but it also depends on the player’s support.

Thanks zevia, ur reply is appreciated…

He guys i’ve been messing around with some blu rays and my TDK BD-RE and when i was talking about how it wouldn’t play in the ps3, the thing is it wouldn’t even show up! The ps3 would not even see i had inserted anything into the drive. So i decided to take a 25gig blu ray movie which was planet earth and I did the same thing with the Dark Knight and stuff by ripping the iso to the hdd, and then burning it with img burn. This time the ps3 instantly recognized it as a a BDMV but when it tried to play it choked on the first image and gave an error. Maybe this will shed some more light for some of you guys but just an interesting tidbit. Also the name of the iso was BDROM instead of DARK Knight or whatever the rest of the iso have been when burning to disc… Thoughts maybe?

I just got my burner, and haven’t played with ImgBurn HD yet – but there should have been an area in the software where you can label your ISO – so I suspect the fact that your disc showed up as BDROM instead of the movie name is merely the ISO not labeled correctly – which has nothing to do with whether or not your PS3 can read the disc.

uhh let me be clear about what i was saying… When i burned the dark knight which was named the dark knight.iso and put it in, it never even showed up on the PS3 menu. As a matter of fact, the original Planet Earth in Blu ray shows up as BDROM as well in the ps3 menu, where as the Dark Knight itself the original shows up as The Dark knight in the menu. The differences are that Planet Earth does not need DL capacity where as the Dark Knight does. I don’t think the iso labeled should matter really should it?

I’ve never played nor watched either title, so I can’t tell you for sure; but some movie companies are careful about about labeling, some aren’t. I happen to really care about these sort of insignificant details myself, so when I back up a disc I always make sure the backup is properly labeled, even if the original isn’t labeled correctly (some cheaply produced Asian soap opera discs, for example, are especially bad about labeling.) But whether it showed up as BDROM or The Dark Knight in your PS3 menu shouldn’t really affect the composition of the disc as far as I know…

There are some files in the original disc that contains the movie title and image that will show in PS3. When you do BD25 with BD Rebuilder, TsRemux etc, the movie title/image is usually not included so in your PS3 you will only see a disc image with title “BDMV”. That’s normal.

If you make a full disc then you will see the movie title in your PS3.

the best media that works for the different PS3’s I have tested (launch 60gb, 80gb, 40gb) is Verbatim. Unfortunately they do not make a 50gb BD-RE yet…but the Verbatim 25GB BD-RE have worked the best.

Thank you so much Teflon. I have been wondering what works best. I am going to try some panasonic BDRE DL and see how that works. MY TDK BDRE DL backup of Dark knight works on my friends ps3 perfectly but not mine. His is a launch 60gig. Mine is a 40gig with a 250 gig hdd replacement. I will talk more when i have gotten more media. I’ll be updating this thread with my sucesses,(or failures).

I’m currently using the TDK and Sony BD-RE DL media and I don’t have any issues playing back movies on the PS3 (40G and 60G). I’ve tried the full backup (ISO via ImgBurn) and movie only (Clown_BD), and found that full backups work best. In fact I have never backed up a movie that didn’t work perfectly with the PS3s we have (ISO via imgburn). Good luck.