Burned BD - not smooth playback



I have successfully burned movie on blu ray disc via imgburn. Verification without any problem.

But when I play that disc, Sometimes I got strange issue.
At the beginning drive runs slow and quiet, playback is smooth. When suddenly playback stops for a while, drive get strong, noticeable spin and after few seconds, playback get back to normal.

Image is without any artifacts, it only just stops and after one or two second when drive reach desired speed (at least by ears), movie continues.

This happens 2 or 3 times during movie.
Its quite disturbing. I tried to check surface scan and everything OK, performance test also.

I have this problem with only some copies, not all.
Does someone know, what makes this stutter? For me it’s strange that I can’t see any errors during surface test or performance test… What do you think?

Thank you.


Performance test? Not sure what you are referring to here.
Did you try a Transfer Rate scan in OptiDrive Control?

What type of discs are you using? In other words what are the mid codes? What speed did you burn?

How did you make this BD movie? Is it a straight rip from a commercial Blu-ray, or from some other source?

Are you playing the discs in the burner, or are you trying to play from a stand-alone Blu-ray player?


Transfer rate scan in Nero Discspeed.
4x, slowest as possible
it’s backuped full BD
Burner, LG bh16ns40, I don’t have hardware blu ray player.

I know that media isn’t the best… Copies on MEI-T02-001 seems to be OK, but still… all tests, including verification after burning was without any errors… Doesn’t it look strange?


I think it is most likely a problem with the discs, though I would have thought slowdowns in playback would show up on a TRT test. And if you are making a full backup, you shouldn’t have introduced any problems in the structure of the Blu-ray video.

Pepst knows as much or more than anyone around here regarding blank media, and he posted a warning on these discs over a year ago. http://club.myce.com/f33/some-philipr04-bd-r-media-lose-data-after-1-year-334059/

The only other thing I can suggest is trying different player software and see if it happens with them. VLC, Media Player Classic Home Cinema and Potplayer can all play decrypted Blu-ray movies, though not with menu support.