Burned audio CD-R damaging car stero?

:confused: One of my friend asked me to burn a collection of songs for her on a CD-R, saying that she want all of her favorite songs on a CD-R.

I did just that for her, using Nero, putting the songs on a Maxell 70-min CD-R. She called me yesterday claiming that though my burned CD-R played fine in her car stereo, now all of her audio CD can’t be played in the car stereo except mine! All her audio CD will be ejected immediately when she put them in.

I was wondering is this possible? Any one experience this? Could a car CD player being set/reset to play only a specific brand of CD-R? She claimed that she have tried several times and nothing worked.

Any idea? Thanks.

Car CD players are notoriously cheaply made. Usually the problem is just that they won’t play most CD-R’s, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of one refusing to play any factory-pressed CD after inserting a CD-R.

I think you should advise her to get a proper CD player for her car if her music is that important to her.