Burned (APEX DRX-9200) DVD doesn't play



I have a problem with this DVD Recorder (APEX DRX-9200)
Recorded a TV program and Finalized OK on TEON (staples) DVD +R
Now I could not play this DVD in any of my Players (Daewoo - S151 or KLH-?? brand)
However these play fine in this recorder. Recorded around 5 dvd’s but could not play any one in any players and PC.

My NEC-3520 burner (with latest firmware…liggy beta-2) in PC thinks it is a data DVD (used nero demo version) to edit the booktype to be able to play in daewoo. Am Doing something wrong with PC burner to change it DVD-ROM.

Am I having problem with fianlizing the disc. Next I will try is using fujji brand DVD.

any help is greatly appreciated… I have lot of home made VHS to burn.



Use your 3520 to burn the discs instead. Just use the Apex as a player.


My Apex is a standalone (set-top) dvd Recorder. (direct VHS to DVD)
My PC didn’t have a Video capture card to get VHS to burn on PC.



Can you try a DVD+RW and NOT finalize it?

My Apex DRX9000 was also goofy about it handled +R media, and just finalizing in general. It often corrupted the IFO files.


I haven’t tried +RW Yet.
As somebody suggested to check with DISCINFOPRO to make sure the book type set to DVD-ROM I am Working on it. Will also update how it goes with Fujji Brand and +RW



I have this unit as well as the DRX-9000…the 9000 is by far the best recorder of the 2…
My 9200 has so much noise in the picture you couldn’t hardly see the picture…the noise was blocky squares…Needless to say I’m selling it and I haven’t even got to burn a disc with it. No matter how you hook the 9200 up the noise is horrific…

The only problem with the 9000 (I had 2 of them) and both the power boards went out…$35 fixed it perfectly and is even better than the Pioneer 220s I have as well…
The liteOne 5005 I have would be great except for the green tint…