Burned a DVD. Image overscanning off the left and right screen after trying pgcedit and ifoedit

I’m playing a burned dvd that I burned with nero. I converted the original movie file with the latest convertxtodvd and also tried an older version of it. I then tried pgcedit after convertxtodvd to lock the aspect ratio by going to domain stream attributes and clicking letterbox. I also tried using ifo edit using a small guide here, http://club.cdfreaks.com/1756494-post6.html. Everything was set correctly already, I didn’t have to change anything in ifoedit. I tried messing around with different settings in convertxtodvd also.

The picture on the top and bottom of the screen isn’t stretched, only the picture to the left and right of the tv.

Anyone else who has experienced this and fixed this know what to do? Thanks.

Sounds like a setting of your TV or DVD Player is wrong. How does the DVD play on your PC screen, if that plays okay, then problem is with the TV/DVD Player.