Burned a disc today

Burned a disc today for the first time in ages. Pulled out one of my treasured TY T02 discs, put it into my Optiarc 7200s and fired up ImgBurn (at 8x). It was like taking a short trip into the past, a bit nostalgic and quaint at the same time. What a weird sensation.

Nearly eight minutes later, it was done. I’ve gotten so used to USB flash drives, this seemed like it took much longer to write 4.1gb of data than I remembered.

Then I had to find all my gear for labeling the thin case, and opened my custom cabinet where I have all my important discs stored. I may have to do some dusting there as it turns out. I must have hundreds of discs in there, and I haven’t accessed one all year, or even all last year.

Makes me wonder how many, if any, teenagers out there have burned an optical disc. Tech shifts and morphs constantly, and now and again, I’m hit with another example of something I knew well, but no longer has relevance.

Funny you should say all this. I went to burn a DVD some months ago and I had forgotten the necessary steps to use in Nero. This used to be a muscle memory process; I was a tad surprised at what I had temporarily forgotten.

I imagine, like you, that I have dozens if not hundreds of CD and DVDs that were burned long ago and will never be used again. I have trouble throwing them out because one day I am going to be asked if I have a copy of Office 4.2 (or 4.3) or similar and will rue the day I tossed them. (Yes that version of Office was on 1.44Mb floppies but I put them onto a CD because when I lived in Asia the mylar of the floppy disks were unfortunately prone to grow a mould or fungus on them. I assume it was due to the humid climate.)

My first CD burner was 2x write, 6x read Phillips CDD2600/32, SCSI Id 4 and cost AUD$999 in 1997. Burning a full CD took oh so long even then at that speed. I still have 50 unopened Kodak Gold CDs that are now over 20 years old and will likely never get used. At the time I was told because they had actual gold in them that they would last 100 years. I think the gold part was BS and thought that in 100 years there would not be any device available to read them due to the pace of the technological advances at the time which seem to my old brain to have accelerated even faster now.

Interesting question about teenagers and how many have ever burned a disk. I would imagine that number to be zero or very, very close to it.

I haven’t burned a disk in years. It’s funny should mention the Optiarc 7200S, as it brings back some memories of late nights modifying firmware for that drive.

Nowadays, I don’t even have an internal optical drive in any of my PC’s. I have an LG external BD drive, but it hasn’t been out the box for years.

Regarding teenagers. I have a teenage daughter (17) and she hasn’t ever burned a disk, and would probably think, if I were to say ‘lets burn a disk’. She would most likely take that literally to mean, to set fire to the disk.

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I used to burn audio cds for use in the car but my new car has a connection for my iphone which holds 512 gb of music, so no more cds LOL. I used to have (back in 2005, 2006, so many DVD burners it was insane, BenQs, and LGs and Optiarc drives, having fun everyday burning discs just to see if I could do it without so many errors on them. We used to scan discs for a score LOL, I literally went through 1,000s, it was fun for me, I still have over 1500 Ty Yuden02 ( Sony White tops) MIJ. Brand new in the spindles, I;ll wait for a day when I am not lazy and put them on Ebay along with about 50 BenQ and other DVD drives that are in my garage LOL.
@ Kerry, my son is 26 and he never burned a dvd or cd. Ipods were already out.

The other day burned 3 disc Toy Story 1,2,3 for my grandson to watch.
He’s almost 3 and wants to help Grandma put the disc in.
My Son asked me to
Probably will start burning again as he wants to watch children movies that I have.
Last time before that was last summer I believe.
Mostly just copy to HDD to watch.

I burn a small stack of BD-R’s every two or three months.
They are Acronis Backup files that I need to remove from my Backup Hard Drive in order to make room for new Differential or Full Backups.
Takes about 11 minutes to write each BD-R and about 11 minutes to verify each BD-R.
Fortunately, I can set it going and do something else for the 22 minutes between changing BD-R’s.
At 22 GB for each disc, I usually burn about 5 each time I do this.
Eventually they get shredded, but I have them until I feel they are no longer needed.
I see no end to this unless they abandon the technology, which I hope they do not since I have never had a hard drive nor usb flash as reliable as a BD-R.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :smiley: LOL !!!

I hardly burn anything these days but I have tinkered with burning BD disks to file away some of my HDTV show captures I like. Make MKV and handbrake do a nice job once you figure it out. Now if I can get some BD double layer disks cheap I could make huge seasons long disks that play on my Sony x800 ULHD player.