Burned 4.5 GB and the DVD looks only half full

I bought some cheap Verbatim DVDs and burned a few movies with DVD Shrink (and Nero in the background) It finished and when I turned over the DVD-R it only showed half the DVD was burned. Yet I saw the movie from begining to end!!! Can I burn more then the 4.7GB? Nero recognises the DVD-r as only a 4.7GB media! Aby thoughts?


You can do is what called overburning, but it does gain you a whole lot. For the most part the answer is no.

A DVD advertised as 4.7 GB may seem to hold less than that because manufacturers quote the capacity of a writable DVD disc using decimal prefixes rather than the binary prefixes used by some software. This can be confusing. While a 4.7 GB DVD can store 4.7 billion bytes [4,700,000,000 bytes ÷ 1000 b/kB = 4,700,000 kB ÷ 1000 kB/MB = 4,700 MB ÷ 1000 MB/GB = 4.7 GB], using binary prefixes the same capacity is roughly 4.38 GiB [4,700,000,000 bytes ÷ 1024 b/KiB = 4,589,844 KiB ÷ 1024 KiB/MiB = 4,482.27 MiB ÷ 1024 MiB/GiB = 4.38 GiB].

If your movies are small enough you can add multiple movies to one disk.

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platinum, i think he’s saying when you look at the coloration on the back of the disc it only looks as though it’s half burned.

if that’s the case then I wouldn’t question it. if you bought a single layer disc and successfully burned 4.5GB of info onto it and can successfully watch your burn from beginning to end then that was the goal, right!

I wouldn’t try to burn more…without a picture of the disc so we can see what you are seeing it’s hard to try to explain why it might look that way, but rest assured if you can view the disc then the data is there, and if all of the data is there then you really can’t fit anything else on there.

also, verbatim discs are very good media. You probably meant “cheap” as in inexpensive as they have been on sale quite a bit lately, but don’t mistake them for junky media. you made a good choice!

Yes reasonsnotrules I understand that. Now it’s matter of what size were the movies he was trying burn. I guest now it’s matter of more info from are poster.

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whoops, when he said “can I burn more than the 4.7GB” I thought he was saying that the data he burned was 4.7GB. He probably meant the size of the disc.

you’re right, the movie that was burned probably was an older single layer movie…and if shrink was used to remove unwanted pieces, it’s very possible to result in a backup that size.

so yeah…disregard my last post as I misread part of the question…i thought he was saying he burned 4.7GB of data, but the disc itself only looked half burned.

Hey Guys, Thanks for the fast answers.
A few things to clear up

  1. I did burn 4.7 GB of data - I dragged it in Nero; 4 x 1 GB vob files and another smaller then 1 GB vob file. It said it successfully burned the DVD-R. Yet when I turn over the DVD it looked like it is only taking half the size of the DVD.

Could this mean that I am burning on two layers and thus it was only using half the disk? The DVD burner is a Dual layer burner.

  1. I agree Verbatim is a very good media I have been using them for a few years now. But this batch of DVD-R media have a sticker on the spindle of 50 disks. On the Sticker it says Verbatim but on the DVD-R units there is only a serial type of number and no mention of Verbatim - Thus I called them cheap. Could it be that the store owner printed up the sticker and stuck it on some no name media? :confused: hmm :cop:

Would you guys like me to take pictures of the disk and show you both sides of the disk, the sticker from the spindle and a screen prints of Nero Burning ?
( I will lower the size so it will be less then 100K per picture)


Dan why are we making this so hard? Put the disc in Nero cddvdspeed disc info, or any dvd identifer ( free download google dvd identifer) and see what it is.

http://dvdidentifier.cdfreaks.com [for faster access]

is it a single layer or a dual layer disc? you can’t burn on 2 layers if you only have a single layer disc regardless of whether your burner is dual layer or not.

or it could be a speed band maybe…Sometimes i get like little sections of the disk (:ring shaped) that are differect color…a little lighter.

Yes, please take pictures.

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