Burnec DVD not recognized in all DVD players

Hello Gurus,

This weekend I was able to backup my first DVD and it works fine on my PC and on my Sony DVD player. :slight_smile:

When I tried it on an older DVD player (make - ROTEL) the disc is not recognized. I assume this is due to the old player. My question is if there is any way to make the burned DVD able to be read on old players? Are there any options that can be selected to allow this?

I am using DVDShrink 3.1 and then Nero 6.


Did you use DVD+R media? If so, and your drive allows it, try DVD-R media.

Trying different brands of media may also help.


Actually I used DVD-R. I just read in a post that DVD-R/W is the oldest format and readable by 99% of DVD players. Is this correct? If this is true then I will test it with this format.


DVD-R is more likely to be compatible with standalone players than DVD-RW - though the DVD dash formats are, on the whole, more compatible than the DVD plus formats.

You could try another brand of DVD-R media. Alternatively, the problem may be something to do with how the disc was mastered. I’m really no expert on DVD video - not only have I never made a DVD video disc, but I don’t possess a DVD player other than my computer!