BurnCD own compilation.... How?

Hi all.

I have a bunch of Cd’s from various artist that I would like to pick the best ones there of and create my own tailor made CD.

My question.

How do I go about doing just that, baring in mind that this feat it totally new to me in all regards, including what ripping program (freeby please) that I would need, where to down load from and how I would go about it.

All help appreciated.

Gone are the days when we could do this on a cassette tape…am I showing my age? :rolleyes:


The best free CD rippers are probably EAC (Exact Audio Copy) & CDEX. Google will find these for you.

I personally use Cdex which can rip individual CD tracks as wav files (standard audio CD track) & mp3.

To burn you could use Burrrn (free from www.burrrn.net) which will create an Audio CD for you

Hi TimC.

I downloaded Cdex and Burrrn, thanks.

Next question, (a bit rude), but are there any tutorials, or can you give me any tips or directions as how I go about using the tools? :rolleyes:


Not rude at all.

Burrrn is very straight forward once you’ve got your tracks.

Cdex is a little more difficult. There is some help at this site under the FAQ section.
However, under the Convert option you either rip to wav form (that’s the same as an Audio CD) or compressed. I’d use wav so there is no quality loss.
Prior to that you would have set your options up. This is Options/Settings. Under filenames set the file name format to
%2%7 - %4 so that when ripped these will go into a folder name by the album title & the file name will be , say “01 - This is how you do it.wav”. This naming only works properly f the CD has CD-Text on it or CDex was able to access the remote database.
You set up here the main folder you’ll rip to as well.

You’ll find some guides by googling for “cdex guide” . this one looks useful.

That should get you started, you’ll find out more as you play with it.

Hi TimC

Thanks for all the good info. :bow:

I have book marked your reference links and saved the downloads. I should be O.K. from here (I hope). If I run into problems I will post again.

Like anything else,‘practice makes perfect’ I guess :slight_smile:

Now all I have to do is find the time.