Burnatonce is good!



Its free cd writing tool.

I have burn 20 CDR - not a single coaster.

I love it :slight_smile:

I had tried Nero,, 5.5.9.x and lots of firmware upgrade - but I was getting lots of burn errors (test cd surface).

I tried burnatonce - it works fawlessly for me.

Although interface a bit dificult & primitive - but as far as buring is concerned - its good !!!

Well, anyone here likes burnatonce ?

Worth a try if you not used it before :slight_smile:

<I am sick of nero - had coasted more than 100 CDRs - i would have bought a new writer with that much money>

Love all & Peace.

[Happy diwali & happy new year to all]


PPS111… There’re loads of good burning software on the market that should satisfy one needs. Just because you’re happy with burnatonce doesn’t mean that NERO/ROXIO etc…etc… is inferior.
No i’m not having a dig at your comments, just having my say.Remember if it’s not broken don’t fix it!!!


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told


Do you get full burning speed like 48x or 52x ???

Does it support SmartBurn ???

Does it support Buffer Under Run Protection ???

I’ll try it when I get my replacement.





BAO is a nice replacement to CDRWin, great for burning isos… can’t wait for v0.92…


I burnt 20 CDRs @ 40X on samsung 40X media - without a single error.


I agree to webcrawler - It is the best for burning ISO files.


It has Buffer underrun protection.

Well as for smart burn - i dont care as far as my cdr’s dont show any error :bigsmile:


Thanks for the info.