Burnatonce 0.95 beta soon to come - freeware gets better

I just posted the article Burnatonce 0.95 beta soon to come - freeware gets better.

Altough there is many CD-R software around, there are not many freeware software packages. And certainly when you need powerfull software you are likely to pay for it. Burnatonce however is…

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What kind of freeware demands a “donation” so that you can download a prerelease??? They should thank you instead for trying out their betas! This looks just like a marketing trick :r

Thanks for your critism Vid4u- and thanks to cdfreaks.com for posting the news! :slight_smile: The pre-release forum is no marketing trick - in fact, burnatonce being freeware doesn’t even have a need for marketing, let alone tricks! burnatonce is freeware and the latest release has always been available from www.burnatonce.com gratis. The pre-release forum has been open as long as the main forums for official beta testers to discuss the latest changes. Recently it was decided that burnatonce needed some financial support to continue and as a thank you to donors the pre-release forum was opened up to those that donate the recommended amount. Donors are not obligated to provide feedback, bug reports or anything else - although most do. In fact, some donors have also provided technical expertise that are beyond my own! Almost all donors donate regardless of pre-release forum access '“ and all donors are very happy with what they get in return - so much so that I get repeat donations! Of course, a cynical person (of which there are many on the 'net) might say that I am restricting releases only to the people that donate. The simple truth is that burnatonce 0.95 is not ready yet. Regardless of donations there are still many changes to be made and pre-releases are sometimes uploaded on an hourly basis! Jamie, burnatonce developer.

If you want free cdr soft, get cdrdao and one of its other frontends, if you want to buy soft, get a prassi clone with a Stomp bundle for dirty cheap (labelling kit + cdr software).