Burn xbox 360 games

I woul like to know where i can buy the correct driver for my pc. if it dificult to install? I have to change my burner to a special one for burn the xbox 360 games? :confused:

Drivers come with the OS…

Crap consoles.

Any burner can burner 360 backups, the Pioneer 116D and LiteOn 20A4P are good DL burners. As for reading the original you need a specific Samsung DVD-Rom drive(cant remember the latest model) flashed with the Kreon custom firmware and you need some software called xbox backup creator. If you can’t get the Samsung then you have to use the 360 to backup the games, this method though I don’t know how to do.

There’s a thread in the console section of this forum that has alot of information, the console section is a sub section in “Digital Video Recorder & Home Entertainment” in case you can’t find it.