Burn works/fails at 50%?

Hi everybody,
I am experiencing a problem with my Sony DRU-810A with firmware 1.0d when using Ritek (Memorex) 2.4X DL discs. Have wasted about 33% or more of 2 spindles. Still not sure if it’s the burner or the media, but I think it’s the media b/c I switched the drive with another identical one and got the same problem. It writes the discs Ok, but at the point where it (presumably) switches from layer 1 to 2, (at 50% while burning) the buffer of the burning software goes to 0% (both in NERO SE and DVD decrypter) and then after a minute goes back up and burns the rest of the disc fine. I watched it, that’s how I know. It says it completed burning the disc successfully, but when I verify it it always fails at 50%. Is there some trick to getting the transition of layers to work fine? Is this the problem? Thanks for any help you can offer!!!

Try a disc quality scan with Nero’s CD-DVD Speed & see what’s happening.

Make sure you have the newest version of Nero 6 ultra and Decrypter. Both of these came out with a dual layer upgrade several months ago. Also is your device buffer or computer buffer dropping? Try shutting off all nonessential programs to include the internet during the burn process. Send me a personnel email in regards to the buffer drop and I might be able to help you.

Ritek DL media is of very questionable quality. Some burners won’t be able to burn them at all, just like in your case. :frowning:

See if your problems go away when using Verbatim DL media. :wink: - in my book these MKM-code Verbs are the ONLY whirthwhile DL media (but I haven’t tried the RICOH ones yet, they could actually be very good).

Someone can correct me if I don’t know what I’m talking about here, and I’m sure that I don’t … But doesn’t the DVD burner have to be capable of burning a DL dics? The burner I bought and installed said it’s capable of DL on the box, so I’m assuming that there are some burners that are not? And maybe yours isn’t?

Well thanks for the responses everyone. I did a quality test using NERO and as you can see, the burn is fine until it hits the 50% mark, and then it basically goes to hell.

Any ideas why this would happen?

As Francksoy stated above Ritek DL (or any Ritek media for that matter)is of very questionable quality. In the future go with the Verbatim DL (less headaches). You also need to update your Nero CD-DVD Speed to the newest version. Click here :wink: