Burn WMV file on a DVD

I recently purchased a Samsung SE-S184 M with Nero Express 6.6 and Nero Vision 3.1. I have Windows XP with wmv files that are produced with the Microsoft PhotoStory software. I want to burn these to a DVD so I can watch them on my DVD player. I guess I can burn them to a VCD but I need the extra space the DVD provides. How do I do this with this software package?

I figured it out. The Nero software has a DVD-video plug-in that will convert the wmv file to mpeg-2 that will burn to a DVD and play on your DVD player. Need to use Nero Vison Express then Make DVD video and insert wmv file from your hard drive. The software will transcode the wmv file to mepg-2 when you click burn. Process takes about 1 hour 20 minutes for a 1.2 gb file.