Burn with my "new update" nero it takes like 40 min instead of 25 previously

I upgraded to the nero 6… I have dvd movies on my HD and when I go to burn with my “new update” nero it takes like 40 min :a to burn when it used to take 25 or so…Also I noticed that the “bokkmark” type defaults to dvd rom…Could this be the problem?

No, the booktype being DVD-ROM has nothing to do with writing speed, just adds a little standalone player compatibility.

Is your DMA off?

how do you check? Thanks

Looking in a log from Nero, or looking in Nero InfoTool’s configuration menu (located in Nero Toolkit on your start menu).

Lots of information about fixing this problem is on the forum, do a little searching.

Its on…Looked in tool kit…

What do you say Nero to do? Auto speed? A specific one?
How does it compare to your previous settings?
Are you using the same discs? Not just the trade mark, but also the Max writing speed and the make of it? Sometimes you get the brand name and dif discs.
Are you copying direct or from HDD? Same conditions and devices as before?

In the older version i had i would just select the dvd, bring the files over from the HD place the video ones in the RED folder and click burn…25 min tops for a movie…I use the same disks, I burn at 4X speed for no errors…Yes same conditions as before…

Go back to an early version of 6. Headachs will go away :iagree:
Go into the registry and remove any mention of nero.com
They can click but you can hide
They spend more time trying to keep people from coping their software then they do working on their problems, so far their not doing so well. Me put in V7. rather take a bullet first. 6.016 works for me. don’t even worry about .18. usless

I will try…So basicly go to add/remove programs and remove nero and then search the HD for any nero file?

I put back in old nero still 40 min to burn dvd…Any ideas?

DMA, better ide cable, DMA.

My master drive Primary Ide channel DMA is on. My slave maxtor 6y200PO DMA is off (this is my HD with the movies). Secondary IDE channel is my CD?DVD ROM drives and both DMA is on…Should the slave be on?

Device 0 is DMA if avail
Transfer mode ULTRA DMA mode 5

Device 1 is DMA if avail
Transfer mode is PIO mode
(When I run the nero tool it still says DMA off)

Again, DMA!° enable DMA!

(this is my HD with the movies) woops. DMA DMA DMA. :iagree:

I always assume everybody knows about dma, Wrong thinking

And again I go into device manager and try to enable it. It says if avail…How do you do it?? To make dma avail…

Chef: You got that dma how to link handy? Post maybe. I dont remember where it is

How to check/enable DMA


I think I got it…Did a search…Thx guys…I’ll post if it works…Going to upgrade to 6.6.018 nero

You could update to…