Burn was unsuccessful due to a "media error"


I downloaded AnyDVD and Clone DVD 2 yesterday having had them recommended by a software store here. I got the 21 day trials with the view to buying them. I have used DVD Shrink and the older Clone DVD in the past. I successfully burned a home video DVD yesterday with the new program downloads, but when I tried to burn two commercial DVD movies, both were unsuccessful with the same error message. Two minutes from the end of the writing process, a message came up saying that the burn was unsuccessful due to a “media error”. I use good quality TDK discs which I’ve never had any problems with before and this is also what I used for the home video one which burned fine using these programs. Does anyone have any suggestions for me please?

when burning with shrink you could have set the burn speed lower and now that you have installed clonedvd it is burning at the max speed. Try lowering the speed for clonedvd to the same speed you were burning at with shrink. Also if it only happen on one disk you burn you could have had another program such as antivirus and or spyware program start up right at the time your burn was almost finished.

Thanks so much Samlar, you were absolutely right! Clone was automatically set at maximum burning speed and my disc were 1x to 16x discs. I dropped the burning speed right down to 8x and all worked fine. Thanks for saving me lots of frustration (and more wasted discs)!

No problem been there had that problem before