Burn w/non-LiteOn, Kprobe it on LiteOn - feasible?

I currently have an 851SX@832 external which I’m generally happy with. I also have a DVD-ROM in my machine which I boneheadedly snapped off the tray (don’t ask), so I’m thinking of getting an internal burner. I know some burners don’t do Kprobe scans so I was wondering if I burn with a new burner and then do Kprobe’s on the Lite-On, are the results applicable, or would they be worthless since they weren’t burned on the LiteOn?

What you want to do will work just fine. Many of us have the Liteon just for scanning and burn exclusively on other burners.

quick question, can u k-probe with an external burner ( as listed in post above) ??? we have an external 811s @ work, i tried to run k-probe but i was never able to get k-probe to see the external burner. is it possible or is it me??

Just change the driver from ASPI to SPTI in the drop down menu in K’s Probe, it should then pick it up, however the 811S and previous can give misleading readings.

I use my 812S with USB2 and it works for scanning with no problem.

thnks for reply. i’ll give that a try when i’m back at work… i am aware of the 411s/811s problems. i used to have a 411s@811s before i retired that puppy.