Burn VOB files problem



I got some Karaoke DVD and i want to collect some good song from those DVD to only 1 DVD. I used DVD Fab to copy each song i want, but they have a same name ( VTS_01_1 ) so i renamed them to VTS_01_xx and created the IFO file for them. I used Nero 7 to make a DVD for them but i just can copy 9 files because Nero said the DVD file must be VTS_nn_n which mean can not copy the file name VTS_01_10 ( or up ). Some one can help me with this? Thank you


Download DVDShrink.

Open up DVDShrink and go to reauthor mode. Navigate to your ripped files. Now drag each file that you want to keep from the right pane to the left pane. Modify its start and/or end points with the bottom left pane if necessary . Do not worry about renaming or creating Ifo’s or Bup’s DVDShrink will do this for you. Note: you will be limited to 99 VTS’s. Once complete select backup to iso file and burn with Nero or better yet download Imgburn and burn with Imgburn.


You’ll probably have to rename them back to VTS_01_1.VOB, too and ensure they are still in their own project folders to begin with (as Fab has output them).



See this link if you are going to include more then 50 titles in your compilation



thanks for helping me everybody.


Your welcome :slight_smile: