Burn Vista slower or risk data loss, warns Microsoft

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  D4rk0n3 used our news submit to tell us that Microsoft has warned beta testers in release  notes, as recently as build 5456.5, to be sure and burn the Vista ISO at  very low speeds....
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12073-Burn-Vista-slower-or-risk-data-loss-warns-Microsoft.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12073-Burn-Vista-slower-or-risk-data-loss-warns-Microsoft.html)

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This is typical of MS, and there is something they have overlooked. Most modern 16x DVD writers are not able to burn at 1x. It’s also false to think you will get a better quality burn at slower speeds. In general, as many on this site will confirm. You generally get better quality when the disc is burned at its rated speed. Although there is a case for burning 16x rated media at 12x or 8x instead of 16x, but certainly not at 1x or 2x

I don’t think they even proved that the issue was bad burns - did they even CRC the image they downloaded? was it zipped or rarred initially which will CRC automatically? perhaps someone has a flaky IDE controller causing corrupted burns - but i think the internet download is the easiest thing to blame. People - if they can - should MD5 checksum their file after download [if the sum is available] before burning - because they might be burning a bad image - another possibility is the webserver/downloading software they are using may not be able to handle large files - I’ve had problems trying to download files >2Gb once - and this is probably not unusual. Lower speed burns are not always better - but this might be true for the many people using suspect quality media. I think the logic only holds for poorly manufactured media - and it only holds loosely. After all - we all know the strategy/speed/burner/disc/disc batch/dye/laser power/even temperature affects the quality but maybe if not a bad media situation - maybe a bad installer with corrupting IDE drivers / bad ram maybe? I’m speculating heaps - but i should stop now - …

Could just as likely be getting corrupted during downloading. I don’t hear or read of people burning Linux ISO’s experiencing this problem. :wink:

Yes, my comment it that the biggest cause for a bad burns is cheap/bad media.

This topic is also discussed in this thread on the forum: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=185740 Burning 8x or 16x media at 1-2x in 16x burners will often give the worst possible results, so they are giving very bad advice!

Yes - Already Taken - Linux ISO Downloaders do suffer this problem if they are a Cable User and are Direct Downloading - that’s why I read a while back that KNOPPIX downloaders should also download the MD5 to check the ISO file as there’s a chance of getting corruption - or download files in parts - you’ll occasionally see this at places - such as the Project Gutenburg E-Texts ISO had parts from memory so that a corruption doesn’t mean you start over

makes no sense, whatsoever. burned it off @ 8x on Taiyo Yuden, with a Plextor 716A, and had no probs. i guess, just make sure the ISO is complete b4 burning, which seems to be the #1 reason for errors.

A lot of current media is crap so I guess its reasonable cause. Anyway , it’s only stupid Microsoft could think of destributing huge .ISO files without some “package” like .ZIP that have CRC checking (MD5 is also an option but most users are too lasy to check) .

It’s not the 1st and probably not the last time when M$ give very bad advice as you too say, hehe. :smiley: Also wondering why these companies do not use compression programs, using any of these should make sure the data is ok (so your download was successful) and could make files compressed and splitted in smaller parts to download… regards, Stephen

the reason for such high failure rates is because not enough of these uers belong ot CDFreaks! my guess is they are either way tooe xcited to be a “beta tester” and aren’t really that knowledgeable about burning or they are computer nerds, but more in terms of software engineers or builders and not into burning so much. as a result, a majority of these users are probably using cheap crappy media, cheap crappy burners, and outdated firmware. update you rfirmware, get decen tmedia, and you’ll be able to burn your media at the rated speed. burning 16x media at 1x or 2x is asking for just as much trouble as burning it at 16x with princo discs and 3 year old firmware…

Burning at lower speed’s, on a very recent burner, will often yield bad results. Take a good burner with latest firmware + good media, and you can burn at 8x, with almost 0 chance of bad burns. I have burned hundred’s, and the only coasters, i have made were using very old burners, or low quality media.:d

The lowest speed Nero offers with my present CD-RW is 8x. Do they have some trick to slow my burner down, or do I need a less swell burner ware? Not that I would ever consider installing Vista on any machine I own. :slight_smile:


BOTTON LINE: Micros&%$ don`t now about cdfreaks, and they are ignorants, in the art of burning…:S:+:B:B:B Mordorr

Thank god I still kept my Sony DRU-500A around in times like these. Any bidders peace out pete

DAMN!!! The guys at micro$#*^ are giving all of the Beta testers a direct bullet in the head!!! For GOD sake!!! 1X!!! well, 2x is “not bad” for some low quality 4x Media. but giving such a blind advice which is built on NO facts!!! these guys are really sucking a year after another!!! i’m sure they haven’t even heared of CD-Freaks… i believe someone of us should send them an email and give’em a lecture of DVD-Burning… maybe then they learn that a little research could be done before giving advice to others… just now… a thousand of beta testers will suffer corrupt burns… cus unluckily, they’ll be trying to burn a 16x Verbatim DVD-/+R on a 1x/2x speed… and yeah… they will even try 1x on some 16x CMC MAG M01 sucker !!:r:r:r

Where can I find the original message from Microsoft?

Even those who have made custom ISO files of Windows 98/2000/XP/2003 know burning CD or DVD files at the slowest speed does not necessarily mean the saftest way to back up. Is that warning supposed to come from Microsoft official at all?

LOL the burn speed will soon be 0.5x :g Greets to all. :S