Burn Videos

What are some really good software out there that can burn avi and mkv (or convert mkv to avi) video files to a DVD?

Also, how do you make a software burn DVD in a way so that everything is included in the visible area? (TV’s cut off a small portion of the edges).

ConvertXtoDVD. Doesn’t have to be converted to AVI. ConvertXtoDVD works on what codecs you have installed on your pc.

This is nothing about burning, this is all about correctly authoring like the specs and standards suggest.

If you are new to video editing/authoring, do yourself a favor and spend a few hours just reading and learning at www.videohelp.com. There are forums, guides, tutorials, and discussions on everything about video capture, editing, authoring, etc… After you do some research, feel free to start asking questions there.

I think WinAVI is supposed to be the best choice for you! I usually use this program to convert my video clips (most are mov and avi formats) to dvd, and then burn them on DVD discs, so that I can ship them to my friends to share my good times.
Btw, I also want to say: winavi is a relatively simple to use software, and does not allow for much user input, or encoding options (except encoding an avi). And it works rather fast (it only takes about 30 mins to convert a 1 hours long avi clip to dvd), and puts out a remarkably good quality.