Burn video_ts to a maxwell dvd+r to play on Sony BDP-S350

okay. first off i must say i am usually pretty good at figuring this stuff out. maybe not in mood today. not sure.

i have tried imgburn and nero 9. im trying to burn video_ts folder to a maxwell dvd+r to play on Sony BDP-S350. i have 2 other sony dvd players. did not work on those either. works fine on pc of course. what am i doing wrong?

What exactly did not work?
What happens when you try to play it? Can you skip to the next chapter? You may have a bad cell at the beginning of the movie.

you need to stop using Maxwell media cause that just crap. Start using premium media such as Taiyo Yudens.


oh crap. i left that part out…

in the Sony BDP-S350 player it says can opeate this disc. it shows that it is a dvd+r though. has a question mark on it though. and as for the 2 sony dvd players i have. they say playing this disc prohibited by area limits.

Is the movie PAL or NTSC?
What are your players set up for?

ntsc. and what do you mean what are they set up for? are you able to log onto your yahoo messenger?

Are your players set up to play NTSC or PAL?
You can also try running the files through DVD Shrink to make them region free or you can try Free DVD http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm.

and when using dvd shrink. is this a 2nd step or a first step to making this all come together. or are you saying use dvd shrink instead of imgburn

Process the files to make them region free and then use ImgBurn.

You used ImgBurn, you will have a burn log, please post. In the following is an option for ripping & burning using different programs. Posts #67 to #74, but please also read Post #78.


heres the log. now i go check if worked

ImgBurn.txt (8.36 KB)

what the shitter. why is it not working.

After a brief glance, couple of things, media obviously, recommended would be Verbatim (widely available), Taiyo Yuden (TY) (online). General rule of thumb is to burn at half the maximum rated speed of the blank disc, which in your case would be 8X. Your Dvd+R blanks are not being booktyped to Dvd-Rom. You might also want to check & see if there is a firmware update for that drive.


okay this time. i used dvd shrink and then burned through nero rom and get this. on the dvd player it actually showed a track 1. but nothing happens. just blue screen. am i getting closer?

Use better media…