Burn VIDEO_TS folder to vcd

I have just copied a dvd movie to my harddrive and i am now left with 2 folders on the hardrive!!!

  1. AUDIO_TS(empty of course)
  2. VIDEO_TS(all the movie in here)

Now i have burnt backup dvds before using dvd shrink, but now i was wondering which VCD program could re-encode it from this file to vcd, then burn it onto 2 cds for me.

I have used DVDX V2.0 before, but when i try to open the IFO under the FILE button it opens, but comes up with an error!!!

auth.dll:Cant authenticate drive
disc may be not locked

Then when i try to play it using DVDX player it plays jerky and the sound stutters!!!(playing from my hardrive)

Can anybody reccomend a free vcd burning program that can turn my VIDEO_TS folder from my hardrive into 2 vcd discs???

any help appreciated

Sounds like the original movie was copy protected with CSS. Did you remove the CSS when you copied it to your hard drive? You could also try pointing DVDX to the actual DVD disc instead.

yes CSS was removed!!!

I used dvd shrink!!!