Burn verified thus it's good



I am using a brand new LG burner with Nero7. With my old internal CDRW drive, I’ve burned CD-Rs of many brands, mostly TDK, Maxell, Sony, Dynex. I had a few coasters/bad burns with any brand I tried. The same % of coasters with cheap CD-Rs(Dynex, house brand) as with those costing twice(Sony).
In fact, because of this, I only bought the cheap Dynex CD-Rs until I switched to DVD’s.
Now I read not to use cheap DVD-Rs made in China, such as Dynex, Playo(which now goes for $4.99 - 60spindle at Staples). However, all brands are made in Taiwan it seems, and whichever are made in Japan either arent sold in major stores such as Circuit City, Best Buy, Staples, or are always sold out.

I wanted to stick with Dynex(50 DVD-Rs for $8.99) but picked up a spindle of 50 Nexxtech DVD+Rs at Circuit City for $7.99.
Burned fine, and was verified by Nero. If that’s the case, and I make 2 copies, why should I be worried that the DVD will be bad in 3 years as I will re-burn them by that time anyway?


If those discs even last 3 years, I would be pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind using budget media personally, but only if the other two copies are on known good media (Verbatim, TY, CMC MAG E01). Two copies on exactly the same budget media kinda defeats the purpose of making the backups in the first place, IMO :wink:


I would have gotten the Office Depot 100 pk spindle for $18 this week.

Ritek or Ricoh in the Plus format. Most likely Ritek in the dash.

2 coasters out of the 1st 6 burns with the +16x Playos.Can only burn 4x to get the coaster rate down… Fake MCC media. Great for passing around. I wouldn’t want to backup my OS,Home Vids, or anything important on them.

Ritek/Ricoh/Ty/Verbatim/Hitachi/Sony: Then I avg 1 coaster out of every 400-500 backups,8x-12x burn, and over a 95% stand alone player compatability rate. Just a slight improvement from quality/decent media over the fake/low quality crap.

As long as you have the originals,burn away with whatever brands you want… When the coaster % skyrockets and playback issues arrise,then you know the culprit.


I hate cheap media with fake or varying mid codes (varying as in every second time you buy the exact same brand it’s a different MID code). I learnt to stay well away from those type of brands long ago.

One cheap brand that I have found pretty good is maxmax 8x DVD-R which is always GSC003 MID code (giga storage corporation Tw). This is one of the few cheap brands that I’ve found to be consistant and reliable.


If you don’t believe people that tell you not to use cheap media then keep using it, eventually you will see why. Many different kinds of problems. Ones that you will say. “This can’t be the dvd” but more than likely it is. Also if you like choppy playback then use cheap media.


Meh they’re are hundreds of people who couldn’t care less about their media they use. I guess that means it can’t be 100% faillure, but i agree with the idea of keeping important stuff on good media! :smiley:


A lot of the PC’s nowadays-brick & mortar stores-, doesn’t come with Boot discs for your O/S,MOBO,etc.

You gotta back it up yourself. My HP said I had 1 shot to do it,using their manual. Same with my dad’s and sisters HP’s.

Choice of 1 DL,2 Dvds,or 8 cds. I chose the Dvds,but swapped out the pc of crap HP drive for a Benq to do the burning. I also used Yuden000-T02 media on all 3 of the pcs.

Imagine someone using crap media to do that,and when time comes to reformat-disc may be useless.


I think most people (me included) when first getting involved with DVD media and burning think that if you can read the disk back right after you have made it (i.e. ‘burn verified thus it’s good’) then its going to stay that way.

Its not.

The problem with cheap, low quality media does not show itself quickly, and that is the problem that many face without knowing it, I have gone back after learning what I have about media (thanks CDF’s) and found that a large amount of the cheapo no name media I got based on cost and nothing else is not in the same state that it was, and image backups and important data is no good and in most cases lost.

A lot of it depends on what is on the disk, films and music are not quite the same as they can play back with disk problems, you just get glitches, drop outs and other playback problems up until the disk just cant play. Its data that is the big deal because it needs to work as a whole, as I said I have over a years worth of backed up data that is next to no good.

I do buy cheaper media but only if it has the media codes that I believe in, which boil down to Verbatim (MCCxxxx ) and Taiyo Yuden be it branded or un branded.


LOL Lenny I know what you mean. When I first started out I was using Princo (4x DVD-R) and when I learnt they were no good I switched to Ritek G05. What a big mistake, probably two of the worst DVD-R media ever.

To Matthew12222, it’s not just about some backed-up DVD’s experiencing choppy playback. It’s about potentiual lose of precious data. If you take a punt on cheap media with not much idea of what you’re buying then you could be lucky or you could end up with loads of unreadable discs after just a year or two. When these discs get serious CRC errors (and believe me they very often do) then you just cant read them or re-copy them. The data is lost and it’s a serious problem. Getting reliable media is extremely important to very many people.


Hehe, my first discs were the infamous G05 (Datawrite Yellow branded). When those failed, and I had to use a second drive to retrieve the data, I learned pretty quick and started paying close attention to the folks here. :wink:


Hmm yeah, I noticed with similar experience.
Interaxia VDSPMSAB01 Taiwan
Memorex CMC MAG. AM3 Taiwan

were my first disks. I got Cyclic redundancy errors. and had to back them up from another computer. I decided just to buy the most expensive disks I saw at the time.
I still have tons of crap on bad dvd’s thanks to this forum I stumbled upon and liked. I started to back them up :smiley:


I had to make some extra copies of Home Vids for the Ex wife a couple weeks ago.She’s not getting the originals.

These were transferred from Vhs and 8 MM to Dvd recorder. 5 of them wouldn’t re-rip becuase they were plumb full of crc errors. These were my master copies. The only issue was if I could successfully burn and finalize a dvd back before erroring out.
This was 4+ yrs ago. Just a little before I started burning dvds with pc. It took hours to do this,and 2 recorders because the 1st one fried half way into the project. I ended up dubbing the dvd player into the recorder and going old school to get those copies to the ex. To make those masters, I’d write down the time frames of every event of the cassettes.Rewind/fast forwardthe video camera to those spots and record.I’d take footage from 3 or 4 cassettes to keep them sorted. Many many hrs to do those masters. Then I could re-rip from pc and make copies for entire clan.

The +4x sony Ricoh-Ro1’s are still holding up.As well as my Sony +4x ricohs. The last 5 discs of that set were burned with sony ricohs and no trouble re-ripping.

The 1st 5 of that set,all on Memorex +4x RW philips and Cyberhome infodisc +2.4x RW media for the bad masters. I’m going to have to re-do them again. The cyberhome discs came with the recorder.

I also had a lot of coasters on that recorder back then,all media related! Same with PC burning.

The overall media quality of the 8x and 16x seems a lot better than most of the 4x.The same TV recorder and both my Q 1620s coaster rate drastically reduced since switching to 8x/16x media.


My Office Depot brands are CMC Mag. for the price they can’t be beat. I have yet to make a coaster with them or GQ from Fry’s (Sony Corp).