Burn VCD (MPEG 1 Files) on DVD? (need to get around disk type check)



Hey. I have a bunch of video files and I want them to be like VCD’s, but all on 1 disk. So I got the bright idea of burning a VCD onto a DVD disk. So I loaded up 4500megs of Video into Nero and got it going, made up the little menu and hit burn. It went and converted the videos that needed to be converted but then when it went to burn it said I needed to have a CD in, it woulden’t burn to my DVD.

I know about the lesser quality but i’m fine with it. And I need no help making the videos MPEG 1. It’s just Nero’s disk check that I can’t get around. If it would just burn onto the dang disk it would be fine.

So my question is, how can I get around the disk check? (either with Nero, or some other proggy made for VCD’s that won’t check?).

It seems like there should be some nice little third party software out there to make VCD’s that just happens to not check the total filesize and disk type (I thought when Nero didn’t check the size type that it would burn it fine onto a DVD).



Do you already have tried, to burn the files as a Data DVD?


you could try using TMPGEnc DVD Author i used to use it to put vcd’s on to dvd’s


30 day free trial


Hey guys thanks for the help. I realised earlier that if I use Nero to author a DVD and use MPEG 1 video, it works fine and allows me to put a bunch of videos on.



I prefer to use SVCD2DVD. It’ll create .ifo, .bup, and .vob files for you. You can then burn these to DVD.


Is making a basic dvd almost impossible on a computer?

Nero recognizes my video files as compliant but won’t import them for some unknown/unstated reason. Elsewhere on this forum it “might be” a conflict with DirectX9.c or a host of other issues.

I tried using svcdtodvd last week and found it too confusing to start==I just want to drag, drop, and burn. Tried to use it again tonight “one more time” and find now that my installer is too old to reinstall the program and that needs to be upgraded.

I tried a “commerical authoring program” Ulead Studio 8se and it gets to the point where I am ready to burn ((actually a very nice interface to lay out the dvd)) but the 4 gigs of files selected are shown to be 8 gigs in size so they won’t fit on the disk and the burn won’t start. I confirm in the configuration panel that the encoding size should correctly give me my 4 gigs but 8 gigs is still showing and “no joy.”

My second 120 gig drive is filling up as I try to learn how to do this. I’m about ready to just burn and use data files on the dvds. Not as fancy, but they work great on 2 of my 3 players with no hassle or errors on the creation side of things.

Anyone out there actually use a drag-drop-burn dvd creator system?


Well, I finally got a chance to look at a fully burned dvd using just the drag and drop function in Sonic Now. I made a data disk of my mpeg-1 files and put the disk into my Liteon 5045 recorder. It displayed and played indistinguishably from the fully compliant dvd that unit burns.

In the Windows Media Player, I got an excellent full title play list instead of the truncated 8-10-12 character titles I was putting up with before.

I now have no need for the 8-10 dvd programs I have downloaded. Straight data disks for me is just fine.

I wonder now==what IS the advantage of making a “dvd?” ((and if it is only so that it will play in other people’s dvd players===fo get aboud it.

I will sleep tonight. bobbo.