Burn two DVD-5 movies to one DVD-DL disc?

Can this be done?

It is not uncommon to see DVDs containing both the Standard and Widescreen versions on one disc. What if the two versions are on opposite sides of the original disc (a double sided dvd)?

Can each side be copied and combined onto one DVD-DL disc?
(Assuming the combined data size does not exceed the 8.5GB limit.)

…if so can it be done with CloneDVD2?


Hi… i would say…

rip each side… then make a new disk with nero vision, or some similar dvd authoring prog.


Rip both to HDD, then use DVDShrink in re-author mode.

Q is, why would you use -R DL?
+R DL normally gives better compatibility… said that I recently found out that even my more than 5 years old SEG DVD 2000 plays my -R DLs witout any problems. Wohoooooo!!!

I typed DVD-DL meaning DVD, Double Layer.
I am using Verbatim DVD+R DL discs

When I started this thread I wasn’t thinking about the use of + or - when refering to DVDs. :confused:

I will take greater care in the future. :wink:

Actually you can actually get double-sided (single-layer) DVD-R blanks for about $4 each. Goodness knows how you label them though.

I think DVDReMake promotes being able to do this and retain all the original menus and such.