Burn two cd images onto a dvd

I have two separate cd images, each containing a sub, a ccd and an img file. Can I use Alcohol to store the two cd images on the same dvd?


Thanks, I’ll check that out

just use nero

and do a data disk if thats all you wanting to do

I’ve never tried it, but I don’t see why you couldn’t if the two combined would fit on the DVD.


i do most of the time now Because i have lost all hope in makin a 1.1 backup of my paid games so now i just put the images on DVD disks can fit about 4 on 1 dvd

like most peeps evan no i have the orginal cd’s i do prefer using a --/cd c—k covered the words as i don’t wanna break any rules so PLEASE don’t ask

It’s probably cumbersome but I used Alcohol to burn the files to CD-RW, I copied back those files from the two CD-RW onto disk and created a data DVD using Nero. Apparently, Nero can only read nrg, iso and cue files, not ccd.