Burn TravelPilot DX cd from ccd image

Hi all, I’m trying to burn a cd from an image. Travelpilot DX Benelux 2006/2007. It’s safedisc 2 protected. After several tries I have a cd my nav (audi navigation plus RNS 4.X > 12/2001).
I used DiscJuggler, making first an image with settings found on the forum and then burned a cd on a 2 sheep burner.
The GPS reads the cd, loads software (progress bars appear), and then after a while ends asking a 'proper TravelPilot DX cd!
Any ideas? 'cause i’m kind of desperate right now :sad:

No chance.

You have the original, why bother?

because i want a backup that i use in my car. Each time removing the cd placing the other map-cd, … I don’t want to scratch the original, it’s kind of expensive …