Burn to much?

Can you burn to much and wear out your dvd burner? Within a month ive already done so much burning so i was just wondering.

I don’t know about a month, but a friend of mine has to replace his every 3 months (God only knows what he’s doing with them!).

You’ll get varying views on this one!

I still have my very first burner (a LiteOn LDW-851@SOHW-832, two years old now), but unfortunately, it no longer reads or burns CD-Rs…I killed that part a couple of weeks back, scanning a really crappy and old CD-R!


Ive done about 100 in a month with my nec 3550a

It depends on the burner, the price of tea in china… I’ve never worn out a burner (knock on wood) but I know people who have.

It think it really varies, maybe depending on your luck. I also have an old liteon 851S@832S and it is still running just fine (and has had quite a bit of use). I had a mad dog dvd-rom quit working so well with a lot less use than the liteon got though.

The average modern burner won’t fail until thousands or tens of thousands of discs. However, mechanical devices, especially ones that are completely enclosed yet generate significant heat, don’t really like 100% duty cycle! So, don’t burn and read continuously for hours and hours, especially at high RPMs, and chances are, your drive will last a long time.

Is he a heavy smoker?

LOL, that I’m not sure of, but I have my suspicions that…he’s doing something best not discussed on this forum. :wink:

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A relevant question often overlooked.
Heavy smoking causes a heavy build up on equipment and could cause premature failure. (Him and his equipment)
Also dirty or dusty conditions air flow regular maintenance are factors.

Yep, totally. I have my PC in my living room, and I have people visit sometimes who smoke quite a bit - you should see the gunk on my two intake fans, eeek! :eek:

He doesn’;t smoke though, and his wife doesn’t either - in his case, I think it’s overuse (see above) :wink:

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I once had a Philips that died in spectacular fashion. I thought the CD which I just bought for £14 had gone kaboom, but the disc was fine. It was some part of the drive that actually died in a very immense way, but I still havent opened it to find out which part died.

Apart from that, I’ve had an old CD reader die after a long while and the rest of my drives live on touch wood (even a very old Sony 8x thats now in a box).

LOL, Chriso - funny you should mention Philips, my very first CD burner (a Philips CDD3610) also died spectacularly.

Well, it didn’t die per se, it just started killing every disc I put in it - dirty great big scratches, rendering them unreadable. Killed off about 4 precious CD-Rs and some CD-RWs before I took a hammer to it. :bigsmile:

Mine sounded more like a catastrophic failure of the motor. Scared the shit out of me when it happened (on spinning up a disc).


ROTFL, I bet! I’d have had my nails in the ceiling at that point :bigsmile:

back when i was about 12 years old my parents knew nothing about computers and i wasn’t as informed as i am now.

the cd-rom drive was making a weird clicking and stuttering noise.

long story short, some tech support guy came in, took the drive apart, and found a needle and thread inside…WTF???