Burn to CD-R after something on it?

Small and easy question for you people…

Am I doing something wrong here? I have tried to burn to a CD-R (NOT CD-RW) that has info on it (drive is I/O flashed to “T” BENQ) and the drive wont let me burn to it again.

Disk is a Memorex CD-R 52x muti speed.The only numbers I see on it are “7mh3810m5061722”. I have a few of the disk here that freind sent me with some files on them, but they are no where near full.

If you can’t burn after the 1st burn that kind of sucks… I mean what if you want to save say 100mb of pics then save more and more to get to the point of 700mb that the disk will hold.

YOU SUCK, before posting one new thead over another…do some reading first. Try do some research and learn something from other peoples posts.
If you are using Nero, do some research of making a multi sesion cd. Nero has a help file to you kniow. NO just make a new thread with a stupid question.
Yes I’m angry, so many new posts with so little real questions.
So many youngsters are to lazy to do some searching or try some things first. No just POST a new thread, that’s the easiest way. I’ve been reading this forum for about 4 years I believe, Just this year I had the nerve to post something. Omen65, WHY do you post 2 new threads after another, is it realy necessary??? :cop:

cor808 lol you have some nerve to type the things you have to me… One I am not a so called “youngsters” as you put in this post and how many you have made in the last day or two saying the same thing. You really should get a hold of yourself and relax a bit, maybe don’t open this board for a awhile.

“Omen65, WHY do you post 2 new threads after another, is it realy necessary???”

What are you talking about just because I posted 2 treads near the same time means nothing. They are totally two different things that I am asking.

“Just this year I had the nerve to post something.”

Your nerve is from being in front of a screen, again you have no right to say what you have said to me. AND you joined in Jan. 2004, you havent been here a year from the time of this post

It would be nice for a mod to see this and remove your post and mine as well it has nothing to do with what I am asking. Just like I said in the start of my 1st post here “Small and easy question for you people…” With the amount of typing you did to TRY and give me a SPANKING cor808 you could have given me a SMALL AND EASY ANSWER.

4 more things…

1… I am new to CD burning, isn’t this board here to ask questions and lean?

2… I am 39 years old, youngster lol your funning.

3… Let me do a search and see you have asked some question (out of your 80 for 11 months) that could had been as easy as you think mine have been.

4… Maybe someone here should make you a mod of this board, but I don’t think that would happen starting off a post with “YOU SUCK” (I think you could be the youngster with a statement like that and if you are not, grow up in your mental ability.

In nero click “start multisession disc” and then you can add to it later…
no idea what the second last post was all about though…

Thank you I guess you are talking about the post that was removed, its gone no need to go there.

Ok I do understand what you are saying about start “multisession disc”, but is this possible to do AFTER a disk has been burnt and removed from the drive? I can’t seem to get that to work in any way. In other words this disk here with 50mbs on it, NERO will not let me burn to it at all.

Thread moved…

dallshead… I did get it to work thank you for your help.