Burn Time

I recently purchased DVDFab Platinum… I havent had a problem untll recently.

It seems the copy time is pretty quick. The whole copy / burn process was maybe 30 mins, but the last two movies that I’ve burned, have taken over 16 hours to burn?? Any ideas or suggestions??

The movies were Life and Smokin’ Aces.

So I tried using my other burning… and it seems to be working fine… Wonder whats wrong with my other burner all of a sudden.

Windows may have put the drive you had been burning on in PIO mode. Try clicking the Reset DMA button in Common Settings, then reboot.

Hi, I would deffinitly do what my friend signals suggested first. Also to check which mode you are in, you can go to device manager and see for yourself what it’s set at 0k ? Good luck. If it’s set to DMA, then let us know and we’ll try something else. ~ Mike

Ok… I’m new to this… DMA?? I went into the device manager, and I didnt see anything there…

I even asked someone here at work, and we couldn’t figure it out.

Hi gixxerchic,

First off, simply click on [B]Reset DMA [/B] tab in Fab as signals suggests.
Click on the little [B]gear icon [/B] (upper right corner of the app) > [B]Reset DMA[/B].
If this doesn’t do it, click on the 2 links in my sig and follow the instructions/screenshots
I think it’s likely you’ll have to run the VBS Script file (contained in the 2nd link)

Any problems, just post back.

Hope this helps.

To check in device manager to see if your burners are in DMA mode do the following, open device manger, click on IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers, right click on Primary IDE Channel, click properties then click advanced settings and the transfer mode is what your burner is in either PIO or Ultra DMA mode4. Do this step also for the Secondary IDE Channel, DMA means direct memory acess which is the fastest mode for your burners to operate in, but do as Tom said is the quickest way to reset it :bigsmile:

Oohh… I was looking at the actually properties of the burner!

Still seems to have an issue.

you can try uninstalling the IDE channel that the burner is on and reboot and let windows reinstall it

I’m having this exact same problem.

DVDFab was working fine for me forever. Then, all of a sudden, sometimes it wants to take 8 hours to burn a DVD. (rips it at normal speed, but the burn is at 0.1x)

I’ve tried much that has been recommended. Made sure the drives are DMA mode, uninstalled the drives and IDE channel, rebooted, reinstalled drivers, rebooted again, uninstalled Dvdfab and reinstalled.

I’m kind of at wits end. Thinking of buying another drive.
This is media that i’ve used a bunch in the past to burn lots of DVDs.

I’ve also tried different burn settings.
Here are my current settings that it is doing the slow burn:

8x write, SAO writing, 4472 MB, DVD-ROM booktype.

Media is Memorex 16x 4.7gb media.

Not every burn is slow burn. Just most of them.

If you are sure the specs of your computer meet the specs of the program and you checked your UDMA Mode, well then it might just be the drive.

I did all that was said… and it seems to working again… we’ll see how long it lasts… The memorex folks arent much help…

Just a bit of advice, stay away from Memorex media, just my opinion.:iagree:

Well, maybe it is a bad batch of Memorex media.
I ordered some Taiyo Yuden media and I’ll pick up some Verbatim media today to do some more tests. I think i’ll stick to one of those 2 going forward.

If the verbatim and taiyo yuden also have the same problem, maybe the drive is going bad although it is pretty new. It is a Lite-on LH-20A1H.
If i get a new one, i was going to get the Samsung SH-S203B.

Hopefully something works. My computer specs are fine. 2GB RAM, XP SP2, Athlon X2 3800+.

I’d have to agree with alan that in my experience, memorex aren’t very good. The Verb.'s or Ty’s are really your best choice. If you are still having problems, then it might very well be the alternative. ~ Mike

Well. I bought some Verbatim 16x’s and flashed my drive to the latest firmware, and still sometimes get the slow 0.1x write.
I ordered the SATA Samsung SH-S203B drive and it will be here in about a week (ground shipment from Miami since it was sold out everywhere else).

Hopefully the problem goes away or i guess i’ll be doing my burning on another machine since i’m too lazy to reinstall windows on this computer.

Wrong! Copying takes approx 30 mins, TRANSCODING requires much more time & power, that is.

Wrong I do a complete movie copying and burning is under 20 min most of the time

Ack. A samsung or anything other than a pioneer is a waste of money. Pioneer still has the best error correction, it’ll read disks that are so scratched nothing else can read them! Pioneer drives are the best and the only time I’ve burned a coaster is with poor quality media like memorex. I use sony dvd+r and have perfect disk and perfect compatibility every time on every player - even when friends have tried to back up the same movie on their lite-on burner with verbatim media and theirs wouldn’t play in a regular dvd player, the sony burned with pioneer plays perfect every time!

No one seemed to mention the fact that if you rip with compression it will take much longer to rip. For example, if I take a 7gb movie and compress it down to a dvd-5 by customizing and total compression estimated at 63%, it will take about 20-25 minutes to rip, and it will start out fast and get slower and slower until it completes. If I don’t use compression, for example, the movie is only 4gb and doesn’t require it, then it starts out ripping and gets faster and faster and faster until it’s done, and will take maybe 5 to 10 minutes to rip total, it’s super fast. I use a pioneer 212d sata burner. I wouldn’t use anything but pioneer, and you can get them super cheap on ebay!

But 8 to 16 hours to rip, there’s something seriously wrong with the equipment or media.

I’d like to add that the compression that DVDFab does is incredible. Even at 63% compression, the movie picture quality is excellent beyond belief. Truly an amazing program.

Wish I could be of more help other than recommending a set up that works for me every time.