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When I’m burning DVDs there is much difference between the burning time, it can go from 10 minutes to more than a half hour, what can the reason be?
And it’s not due to open programs, but I’d love, if you could help me fix it :kiss:
Thanks in advance

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Just to clear this up…Are you talking just burn time or transcoding and burn time?
What burner are you using? What discs are you using? Some machine specs would be good to know also.

Thank you.
Sometimes it takes even longer time than a half hour and it’s burn time + transcoding.
My writer is HP DVD writer 400c, and I’m using to kind of dics, but no difference when burning. The name of the discs are Fujifilm DVD+R 8x High Speed, 4.7 GB and Platinum DVD+R 8x High Speed, 4.7 GB. The specs of my computer is Pentium 4 3.2 GHz with 1 GB Ram, need anything else?

Use DVDIdentifier > http://dvd.identifier.cdfreaks.com/ to see who really makes your discs. I’m guessing the faster transcoding + burning are single layer discs and the longer ones are dual layer discs. Depends on how much info is on the disc you are copying. Burn time should be pretty close to same using 8X discs but transcoding is what takes longer.

All right, so it’s DVD+R, manufacturer is Ritek Corp., manufacturer ID RITEK, media type is R03, product revision 002, and speed is Max 8x. By the way, dual layer DVDs is that when the film is like 3 hours long?

You say you are burning and transcoding with anywhere from 10min to more then an half hour.
With your computer spec’s that sounds about right. Reason time vary is because of lengh of movie or how much transcoding is needed.

The lower the % the longer it’s going to take to compress. Your burn times should be about the same amount of time. Your 8X burns should be around 8min each time.

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One thing to check is your IDE Channel DMA settings.

Suggest viewing the below Forum Posting and note Forum Member ireland’s (posting #4) comments concerning setting DMA.


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I didn’t know that, I though it was something about the quality of the movie

All right I’ll go through that post when I’ve got some more time, it’s a bit long

I thank all of you for you time, I hope I’ll be able to repay the favour one day

yes, it also means the lower the % = less quality because of compression

Arh, I thought right then :slight_smile:

I’m sure you will, your experience will be appreciated here by someone just as you are about us.