Burn Time in Lite-on COMBO LTC-48161H

[B]I have just bought a burning Lite-on, use nero 6.xxx, but I have a problem.

I have burned disks from 700MB to speeds from 8X up to 48X but it is always time that takes a long time it is of 13 min. ; when I burn an alone disk this the active nero the whole other programs they are closed.

That I can make, is driver it doesn’t serve?
Actualize the firmware with this file KH0Q.exe , but the problem don´t solve.

Please help me

[/B] :sad:

Is your drive in DMA mode?

[B]DMA mode of my drive is off

this is the problem?

How change it?

Look the Attachments…

Wait your response

My pc is:
Pentium 3 - 750 MHZ
64 MB in RAM

WinXP: http://wombleintheuk.tripod.com/Final/DMA/DMAXP.HTM
Win9x: http://wombleintheuk.tripod.com/Final/DMA/DMA9x.HTM