Burn SWF & HTML on CD for MAC & PC's

I’ve got the following problem:
I build my website (www.home-made.nl) on a PC (Windows 98) with Flash 5.
There are no problems on the web, the site opens on Mac’s and pc’s.
But I want to put my site on a CD to send it by mail as a portfolio.
I want to accomplish this by burning the SWF an HTML files on the CD’s.
I use the CD burning program: Nero Burning rom 4.0
If I burned a CD I check it on my pc and there is no problem; the HTML file opens in Explorer or Navigator and the SWF in Flash or Quiktime.
If I put the CD in a Mac (or some other pc’s) than the HTML files are chanced into useless(?) HTM files. The only thing that a Mac can open is a SWF file in Quiktime, or Flash if it is installed on the computer.

The question is: How can I put (burn) my site on a CD, in such a way that both Mac and pc can read and open the HTML and SWF that Flash publishes.
I want my site to open as HTML in Explorer or Navigator on Mac or pc.

Where does it go wrong?

Is it the way you can publish in Flash 5?
How you burn your CD?
How a pc makes up it files?

Can please you help me!?!



dont know if this will work or not but did you try using nero to make a hybrid cd ( hybrid = mac + pc)?

as said dont know if it will work