Burn Successfully but the disc is unrecognisible

hello all, i have a SONY DVD DW-G120A and burned a Bulkpaq Orange Double-Layer (2.4x) DVD+R and was Successfully but came up unrecognised i then gone round my mates and he burned me a Verbatim Datalife Plus (2.4x) Double Layer DVD+R disc on a pioneer dvd dl-111d i think and it failed at 52%? so i put it in my 360 and it started to load up fine in the drive but 5sec later it sounded weird, up and down speed it gone, but it did loaded this hoop green thing with a white screen and then said IF YOU TO WANT PLAY THE XBOX 360 GAME PLEASE PUT IT IN A XBOX 360 CONSOLE??? :eek: any ideas


  1. What is your problem? Please explain it clearly!

  2. Bulkpaq media is a heavyweight contender for the most useless media in the world.

  3. This forum does not support people in their quest for piracy. Your friend copying one of his Xbox360 games for your use falls under this category.

  4. The only dual layer DVD+R media which is worth paying for/using is mitsubishi/ Verbatim media. Anything else is garbage.

my friend burned me a Verbatim Datalife Plus (2.4x) Double Layer DVD+R disc on a pioneer dvd dl-111d and failed, the software we use was imgburn

You need to post more information, " The burn failed " does not help us help you at all. There could be 1000 reasons why the burn failed. What are your system specs? what firmware is on your Pioneer? What type of file are backing up? etc. This is in the wrong forum anyway let me see if I can have it moved.:iagree:

My TSSTcorp SH182D… burns fine but it wont read burnt DVDs or data DVD’s… any solutions?

That drive is a little crazy, few people have got it to work perfectly. There are some solutions mentioned for this problem in the Samsung sub-forum.

For a start, try putting the drive on a dedicated (not shared with other devices) cable from the power supply.

Look at the DVD’s you have burned…
Is it the same as: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=224139.

Maybe we’ll have the same problem…