Burn success with file size 0?

When I want to burn files with my application using the Nero-SDK I have the problem, that all files were burned to CD, having the correct name but a file size of 0 Byte! (In the message windows appears a message: “access denied” followed by the path name!?

#17 WINPFILE 5 File winpfile.cpp, Line 274
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Is this message related to the path or to the file or to both? All the files were definitively closed!)

When I try to burn the files with the nero application (my application is still running and the application and file state is unchanged) the files were burned to the CD with the correct file size!

Has anybody an idea! Thanks a lot!


I meet the same problem, is there anybody who can help us? Thanks!

Hi Ralph and ylkang.

Can you tell me what version of Nero Burning ROM and Nero SDK you are using?

Best regards


Thanks for your reply!!

I am using NeroCOM v1.1 & Nero & C#

Here is my source code:

test = new NEROLib.NeroClass();
int count = drives.Count ;
drive = (NeroDrive)drives.Item (0);

NeroFileSystemDescContainerClass fs = new NeroFileSystemDescContainerClass();
NEROLib.NeroDirectoryContainer folder = fs.RootDirectoryContainer ;
string strPath = “c:\”;
folder.AddFile2(“test.mp3” , strPath, 0, 0);

drive.OnProgress += new _INeroDriveEvents_OnProgressEventHandler(OnProgress);


Would you please help me to figure out where the problem is? Thanks very much!

Hi Ylkang.

I’m afraid I do not know the first thing about C# but looking through the code I am not sure why you are using NERO_MEDIA_CDROM in your call to GetDrives, as the documentation says this is a CD-ROM (non writeable). This may mean that your drive collection is based on CD-ROM type drives.

Later you use NERO_MEDIA_CDR in your call to BurnFileSystemContent which I think would be correct.

Try changing to NERO_MEDIA_CDR in GetDrives and see what happens.

I use C++ myself so my help may be limited.

Good luck